The Seer is main protagonist of Ascension: Echoes in the Dark. She will be customizable in terms of race, appearance, traits, role and name. She will also have 6 different romance options, 3 being male, and 3 being female.

In Ascension Chapter 3, at the end, there will be letters written to Aida from her team, stating that they are all looking for the Seer.

  • Jace: He was in Appletown, looking for the Seer. He was in tavern where was a girl who was serving beer, who then smashed it on a bandit's head. He states that she, "Kicked total ass!" and thinks she may be the Seer, although he admits in the letter that he doesn't know what she looks like.
  • Zander: Zander is in Ildis, and finding out as much as he can about the Seer. He thinks he or she may be a student there. As well, he heard that there was an exceptional mage in their first years, and thinks it might be them.
  • Faelern and Seena: They are in Odarga. Faelern heard rumors about an talented female archer in a fire camp, and believes that she could be the Seer.
  • Kole: Kole thinks that the Seer might be a Daga-ken, though a little skeptical, wondering if Daga-ken can even be a Seer. He heard that there is a formidable warrior in some of the east camps and thinks it could be the one they are looking for.

The reason behind why Team Ileth is looking for the Seer will hopefully be answered in the game